Lordship of Blakewell 
Devon, England
Welcome to the Lordship of Blakewell
in the county of Devon, England

My wife and I welcome you to this official website of the Lordship of the Manor of Blakewell situated in Marwood Parish near Barnstaple in North Devon.
The Manor of Blakewell is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as Blachewilla or Blakewille and dates back to King Edward the Confessor, the first Lord of Blakewell in 1066. The King passed the manor into family ownership and in the 15th century it fell into dormancy.
Many years ago the title of Lord and Lady of Blakewell came into our ownership and we succeeded the last Lord of the Manor of Blakewell.
Today in modern England, the lordship title continues and is held as a legally recognised property independently of its historic rights as a so-called incorporeal hereditament.

As holders and custodians of this lordship title, we are proud to take on the responsibility of preserving this piece of English feudal history.

We very much hope that you enjoy your visit to our website.
6th Baron & Baroness of North Cadbury 
11th Lord & Lady of Blakewell